Jul 052013

The Anunnaki: The Peruvian Connection II (Tiahuanaco)

Anunnaki Wiracocha Tiahuanaco

Detail of the “Puerta del Sol” (Sun Gate), showing the alleged god Viracocha, who might have been an Anunnaki.

In the previous post we saw that the inhabitants of Tiahuanaco could have been in contact with the Anunnaki of Zecharia Sitchin. Since the Tiahuanaco culture still remains as one of the greatest enigmas in the history of Peru, there is plenty of room for Sitchin’s theory. As a matter of fact, some researchers say that we only know five percent of what originally was the Tiahuanaco capital, and no one has been able yet to fully decipher their iconography or determine the exact age of its main monuments. For conventional historians, Tiahuanaco is not older than 1,000 BC; for alternative historians, Tiahuanaco is older than 15,000 BC.

Jul 012013

The Anunnaki: The Peruvian Connection I (Tiahuanaco)

Anunnaki Tiahuanaco Puerta del Sol

“Puerta del Sol” (“Sun Gate”) in Tiahuanaco archaeological site with the supposed god Viracocha in the center, could this god be an Anunnaki?

Is there any chance that there could have been a relationship between Zecharia Sitchin’s Anunnaki and the inhabitants of the peruvian culture of Tiahuanaco?

In the history of Peru there are strange myths and mysterious archaeological sites which have no coherent explanation if we see them from the point of view of the conventional history of peruvian civilization. Perhaps, the Nazca lines are the best example. But, there are other lesser known and more surprising cases, as the enigmatic archaeological site of Tiahuanako. According to traditional history, the Tiahuanako culture developed in the high lands surrounding one of the sides of Lake Titicaca, at 1500 BC, near the place where is now located the bolivian city of La Paz. This culture expanded to southern Peru and northern Chile and its development peak occurred between the fourth century and tenth century AD.

Jun 252012

Dorothy Izatt, Extraterrestrial or Extradimensional Life?

Dorothy Izatt aliens ufos

Image took from one of Dorothy Izatt’s films, where we can see some humanoid figures and kids in a passageway of light.

The case of Dorothy Izatt presents us with important evidence of the existence of extraterrestrial life. Since 1974, Dorothy has been filming luminous objects in the night sky of Vancouver with an 8 mm film camera, best known as Super-8. Dorothy has over 9000 meters of films of these objects floating in the sky and creating explosions of light.

Jun 062012

Zecharia Sitchin’s Last Wish

Queen Puabi

Zecharia Sitchin died hoping the DNA of queen Puabi could prove his theories right.

“Maybe by comparing her genome with ours, we would find out what are those missing genes that they deliberately did not give us. Maybe. I cannot guarantee that, but maybe.”

This is one of the last statements made by Dr. Zecharia Sitchin (1920-2010), one of the best known researchers of the Sumerian clay tablets. Dr. Sitchin devoted over 30 years of his life to studying these tablets, and developed the theory about the Anunnaki and planet Nibiru. According to this theory, an alien race called the “Anunnaki” arrived to the Earth more than 5000 years ago and created humans through a genetic experiment.

May 222012

The New Testament III: The Scribes

History of the bible

A scribe copying.

This is the third chapter, out of a series of ten, on the history of the Bible, specifically the New Testament. Every time we read a book we trust in it being error-free because we know that, before being manufactured in a printing press, the text was verified with the author or the editor.

In the 1st century, when the epistles, the gospels and other Christian writings appeared, there was a different reality. Back then, writing was handmade in rolls of papyrus, a thick paper made of sheets of a water plant that grows in the Nile river. There were no printing presses, no Internet, no digital documents, and the only way to reproduce one of those manuscripts was to copy it by hand, word by word, as per the original.

May 142012

The New Testament II: The Gospels

new testament The Four Evangelists

“The Four Evangelists”, Peter Paul Rubens.

While the letters written by Paul of Tarsus are the oldest documents of Christianity, the most important ones are the Gospels that narrate the life of the leader of this movement. The Gospels were written in response to the faithful’s need to know more of the life, teachings, death, and resurrection of their master. Many Gospels were written in the years following Jesus’ death: The Gospel of Thomas, the Gospel of Mark, the Gospel of Peter, the Gospel of Mathew, the Gospel of Luke, the Gospel of John, the Gospel of Phillip, the Gospel of Judas, the Gospel of the Nazarenes, the Gospel of the Ebionites, among many others.

May 092012

Darwin and the Apes, or the Anunnaki?

Anunnaki sumerians sitchin bartin cylinder

Sumerian seal cylinder translated by Barton, known as the Barton cylinder, and then by Christian O’Brien and which is related to the Anunnaki theory.

Men owe to themselves the task of researching their origin and evolution as a society. We owe to ourselves this reflection to understand our daily universe, to understand where the technological development is taking us, and to avoid making the same mistakes that led us to crisis, conflicts and the extinction of cultures.

May 032012

Vindicating Zecharia Sitchin – Part II

Zecharia Sitchin with first printing of 12 planet

First edition of “The 12th Planet” by Zecharia Sitchin.

This is our apology of the renowned Dr. Zecharia Sitchin, whom those mean souls used to call, and still call, charlatan, phony and even crazy.

If, as we’ve seen in the first part of this article, the Anunnaki are indeed mentioned in the Sumerian clay tablets, and if myths are not always “myths”, what else is Zecharia Sitchin accused of?