Apr 012012

The Solar Storms Will Be the LSD of 2012

by Oscar Mercado
Dieter Broers Solar flares solar storms

Some “solar flares” or “solar storms” are larger than planet Earth. (Photo by NASA)

Not even Jimi Hendrix could have imagined that LSD would come with solar storms.

The Austrian scientist Dieter Broers has spent more than 30 years researching the effects of the electromagnetic fields in human beings, and he is one of the few that has approached the 2012 issue in a realistic and scientific way, with a fair dose of hope.

Briers discovered that significant disturbances in the electromagnetic fields surrounding human beings could originate mental states similar to those provoked by hallucinogenic drugs or mystical experiences.

The alteration of our electromagnetic fields, produced by the “solar flares” or “solar storms” foreseen for 2012, could affect our conscience and our perception of reality. During days with a high solar activity, we could experience hallucinations and extremely baffling or pleasant states of mind.

Broers considers that what’s important about these states of mind, which can be called ‘altered’, is that they could allow us to understand the global crisis this planet is going through, like a symptom to an illness that might be cured.

Imagine this: You go out to look for a job and stop in front of a newsstand. Suddenly, the pictures come to life and start talking to you. First you feel scared and think you might be crazy, but then you accept it and start a dialog. This conversation takes you through unsuspected paths and points of view you never had. All of a sudden you realize human kind is ill and understand why and how this problem can be solved.

Thanks to the collective reflections mankind would have in this altered state, caused by the disturbance of our electromagnetic fields provoked by the solar storms, we would find a cure for the global crisis our society is facing.

In his book “Revolution 2012”, Dieter Broers warns us about solar storms: “The events that the cosmos hold for us in 2012 could be compared to drinking a glass of juice where somebody has poured a little LSD without our knowledge.”

Sources: Dieter Broers, Revolution 2012

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    Y.Jerrell says:

    Valuable information and excellent design you got here! I would like to thank you for sharing your thoughts and time into the stuff you post!! Thumbs up

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    Carol Demers says:

    I highly concur with you, I am hoping which others will certainly realized this too and can remember to examine your post! keep producing partner!

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    M says:

    A few issues here. One: The fields produced by the sun are never as strong as those used in experiments which produced effects like those discussed here. Two: The solar cycle will likely peak well after 2012, and there is no reason to believe it will be any different than previous ones.

    • Alan Brain Alan Brain says:


      Its true. The peak of the current solar cycle probably will be around mid 2013. Dieter’s book was only available in german and at that time the general consensus was that the current cycle solar activity peak was going to be 2012, probably that is why he refer to 2012 as the peak. Now, he is going to publish the same book in english and will be called “Solar Revolution”, i hope he will correct the reference to the peak of the current cycle.

      As for the differences of the electromagnetic waves coming from the sun and the ones that scientists like Michael Persinger have utilized in devices like the “God Helmet”, there are. Although, Dieter Broers, in his book, have presented interesting evidence about the interactions of the electromagnetic waves coming from the sun with the earth magnetic field and our own magnetic fields and how that interaction could affect us.



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