The New Testament III: The Scribes
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The original papyruses of the epistles and gospels were mostly copied by the same people who needed them and who were forced to act as scribes without being professionals. History of The Bible Archives - The Divulgers

History of The Bible

History of the bible

The New Testament III: The Scribes

22 May, 2012

This is the third chapter, out of a series of ten, on the history of the Bible, specifically the New Testament. Every time we read ...

new testament The Four Evangelists

The New Testament II: The Gospels

14 May, 2012

While the letters written by Paul of Tarsus are the oldest documents of Christianity, the most important ones are the Gospels that narrate the life ...

Codex Amiatinus history of the bible

What is the history of our Bible?

1 April, 2012

If a priest would have told me that "the Bible was a collection of stories about God and about Jesus, written by people who knew ...


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